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A technological breakaway

Optimum Water Systems designs, develops, and markets physical water and effluent treatment systems that break away from the status quo. These physical treatments have three competitive advantages over the usual chemical processes: no maintenance, no consumables, and no environmental impact.

No maintenance

No consumables

No environmental impact

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Our strengths

Optimum Water Systems has proven its solutions’ effectiveness. It establishes lasting customer relations and framework agreements with major clients and authorities. The company makes and distributes an extensive range of technologies and has recognized knowhow that guarantees imaginative, cost-efficient solutions that meet your quality requirements to a T.

Unique mastery of physical water treatment

Our research partnerships


French Bureau of Geological and Mining Research

Treatments for the fracking water used to extract shale gas


Technical Center on Paper

FLOCSTEP and SCALE II projects (treatment of wastewater treatment plant sludge and scale treatments in the paper industry, respectively)


French Public Investment Bank

Our research programs are supported by BPI France

“At a time when it is becoming more urgent to renew water treatment technology so as to meet economic and environmental demands, Optimum Water Systems is providing solutions in line with its clients’ issues.”

Nos partenaires


The BRGM (Bureau of Geological and Mining Research) is France’s reference state agency as regards earth science applications.

The BRGM is in the forefront when it comes to developing lasting solutions for water – a major issue in the 21st century. The BRGM’s core activities include managing water resources, studying and safeguarding water systems, identifying new resources, determining climate change’s impacts on resources and users, and helping with the digital modeling and socioeconomic assessment of scenarios.


The Centre Technique du Papier is an industrial technical center for the paper industry. The strategic missions of this “establishment of public utility” are to promote the paste, paper, and cardboard production and processing industry’s technological development in order to improve its:

– performance
– productivity and competitiveness
– compliance with sustainable development demands

Advancing scientific and technological knowledge:

– Innovating and transferring knowhow to industry
– Meeting market needs and expectations
– Bolstering the value created in enterprises


BPI France is a public company (general interest mission but operated privately) that cofinances and assists innovation projects with good prospects of being able to market new products, processes, or services. These are leading projects with high levels of innovation compared with their competitors, that justify risk-sharing with the public authorities to leverage the necessary private financing. BPI France is accountable to France’s Ministry of the Economy, Finance, and Industry and Ministry of Higher Education and Research. It acts to support both national and regional policies in line with its general interest remit.


Advancity: The sustainable city and urban green technology cluster

ADVANCITY, a catalyst of innovation, is the Paris-area meeting place of the green growth opportunities highlighted by France’s recent national environment consultation. It is the natural home for the 192 enterprises on the site, including 17 world leaders and more than 160 business and industrial SMEs: power generators and grid operators, transportation companies, and players in the areas of the environment, building and public works, engineering, and municipal and industrial services. It is also an exceptional crucible of expertise, with more than 200 laboratories, the major scientific establishments of MEEDDM, major schools and universities of the Paris region, and private research centers.


ADEME: A network of innovative green enterprises for international expansion

Given an increasingly competitive global green technology market, France’s eco-businesses have to be innovative and expand abroad. The roughly 100 French green enterprises that currently belong to the International ADEME Club are precursors in the area of environmental protection and energy management. The aim of this network, which is steered by the French Environment & Energy Management Agency (ADEME), is to assist its members in developing innovative projects and partnerships abroad. The International ADEME Club provides its members with day-to-day support by offering them a host of technology monitoring, assistance, and innovation support services in conjunction with ADEME and other government bodies. The ultimate goal is to facilitate its members’ international deployment in the areas of environmental protection and energy management.

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